5.14 — weeknotes — 5 days — tears @ HLG….

Mark Lumley
3 min readMay 19, 2023

I have got used to the four day weeks, this week was strange having to work 5 days. In the office three days this week as well, nice to be in for purpose, in for check in conversations and a couple of programme boards. Finally managed to get in the garden at the weekend and had the tree surgeons in this week to have a tidy up!

In on Monday for a couple of check ins, always tend to do these over a coffee, in the borough. Was also our TCE, transforming community experience board. Updated on some of the tech enablers and the next steps. Starting to turn thoughts into delivery now and getting the right resources in place. This is where the fun really starts…

Tuesday was SLT where Barbara gave an update on Information Governance. Some good questions and challenges back to us and a bit of work to do to really bring it alive. What can be a dry subject but so important means it is even more important to try and bring it alive.

Wednesday, a day at home was the next in my Level 7 management course, I can’t believe we are so close to the end of the formal part of the course. Then the fun work really ramps up. Must do my assignments. We had a great external speaker, some great takeaways that I’m going to use with the team next week.

One of my highlights this week was the end of SLT where we had a packed meeting but about to get some time back. We did AOB which appeared to go on for far too long. Then our Director of Planning said he had one more AOB…. his AOB was a reminder that it was mental health awareness week and we should all go and make sure we take a walk in the sunshine… I like AOBs like that…. And a reminder that your own Mental Health is so so important!

Thursday was our Hounslow Leadership Group meetings where we come together once a month or so. The main topic this month was the new Resolution Framework — which prompted some really good discussion. However… The start of the meeting was just amazing. I have never been in a room full of 100 people in absolute total silence…

Hounslow has produced this amazing video for Hounslow Dementia Action Week that explores the reality of dementia. It was so emotional watching this and bought a tear to everyone in the room! Powerful stuff.

Glimpses — Watch It!

Tune of the Week: (Go with it — this is an amazing song!) Justin Bieber — Love Yourself (PURPOSE : The Movement)



Mark Lumley

Director of Digital & IT for the London Borough of Hounslow