4.25 — weeknotes — a hot couple of weeks…

A short week for me this week with a couple of days of annual leave this week (and last), so will also be a short week notes this week.

Over the last couple of weeks, apart from the time off, have been lots going on.

Had the next of the Level 7 management courses on what was the hottest day ever! Temperatures of 40 degrees and Zoom for 6 hours is not a great mix, but we had more breaks to ensure that we survived the heat (and no I am not being melodramatic… 😊)

The hot spell coincided with the start of my time on the Gold cover for call out for Hounslow — so was certainly prepared for something to happen, but fortunately, and touching wood as I write this, there hasn’t been any need thus far. Hope that continues. But ready if needed.

A lot of the time over the last couple of weeks has been the development of an update to the Digital Strategy for it’s Third Year. Looking to take this to Cabinet and ensure that we align with the new Corporate Plan.

Next year is I am President of Socitm, I can’t believe this has come around so quickly, but have spent a bit of time thinking about where we want to take the Policy Theme and the conference we have in October, there is so much that we can deliver against this theme. Pleased that we are starting to think about it now — going to develop a 2 year plan to really drive it forwards.

Another hot topic at the moment is the next steps of World of Work, we are thinking about the next stage of this. Currently we are working on once a fortnight in the Borough and now starting to look at the buildings as part of the future asset strategy. We are looking at what we need Hounslow House (and other buildings) to be for the future — exciting times.

Tune of the Week: As neighbours has aired it’s final episode this week. Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan — Especially For You

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Mark Lumley

Mark Lumley


Director of Digital & IT for the London Borough of Hounslow