4.22 — weeknotes — Socitm President’s Conference!

  • The passion, energy, experience and opportunity in the room — the dedication to the people and communities that we serve.
  • The session on Enabling Place Data, hearing from colleagues at South London Partnership (David Grasty) and Norfolk (Geoff Connell) in enabling Smart Place / Internet of Things in their areas — some lessons for us as we embark on our smart place journey — and thinking about how we engage the wider regional area.
  • Skills was a big piece of the agenda and how we ensure that we get the right skills in Local Government digital — some really good ideas to think about.
  • Also heard from some of the colleagues who have been part of the Empowering Women course — really good to hear from them, some really inspirational moments.
  • Nice to see colleagues and partners from across the Country — some really interesting things from Microsoft emerging as well — a change Agents course and really good to hear from them that they are trying to encourage joined up working.
  • Hearing all about how Wales are really creating the conditions for success for digital changes across the Country.
  • Was good to see some of the work that Hounslow are doing in Planning being showcased as part of some of the Levelling up agenda as well.
  • Huw becoming President and then a growing realisation that I am President next year!!!!!



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Mark Lumley

Mark Lumley


Director of Digital & IT for the London Borough of Hounslow