3.36 — weeknotes — learnt a new word this week — ‘nurdle’

A nice short week for me this week, had Monday off as I went to Devon at the weekend — as you do! Even in October it was actually quite warm at times and nice to see the sea, but some amazing evenings as well…

A lot of time this week was about planning for the Digital Festival that kicks off next week. Always hectic in the run up to the start of November. You would think that having done it last year, it would be easier this year, how wrong! Still the same level of trying to get everything completed ready for week one!

We have a great programme over the next month, something for everyone. Sessions aimed for colleagues, for Councillors and for the community. We are working in conjunction with Organisational Development this year so more of a focus on wellness and learning. We also have some fun sessions for colleagues as well, in an aim to get people together, get them outside and in the Borough — as part of the connected to Hounslow work.

There are a number of sessions that are open to all and you can sign up to them here: https://www.hounslow.gov.uk/digitalfestival/.

Had a great meeting with the Elections team this week, already starting to think about the London elections in May next year. Sounds like it is early to be thinking about it, but there is lots to do. There is a real opportunity to digitise a lot of the processes and communication for the count and the running of the election. Although still ensuring a suitable and reassuring amount of paper still being used for the actual election itself.

We had another of the Green Recovery Board meetings this week where we heard all about the plans for the Green Recovery work — a huge amount of work taking place across the Council. From skills to targeting investment in areas of the Borough that needs it the most.

Digital Community Experience (DCE) is the work we are doing to rethink how we provide our services online, how we provide customer services and how we ensure that we use the technology and data to the maximum benefit of the community. A number of sessions this week really starting to get into the details. Great to be going from the theory and the strategy to really thinking about the practical elements, what we are going to do and when and bringing colleagues and the community together to help co-create. We have agreed some next steps including a workshop (in person) in a couple of weeks.

Learnt a new word this week — nurdle — “Nurdle is a cricketing term used to describe a particular shot that uses finesse and skill to glance the ball (usually delicately) to a desired location.” We were talking about moving the organisation forwards to use technology more for better outcomes in the future and how we may persuade colleagues… Great term! Every day is a school day!

Only a few days of Sober for October —still time to sponsor — https://www.gosober.org.uk/users/mark-lumley

Tune of the Week: Not heard this for ages!! Kate Nash — Foundations (Official Video)