3.26 — weeknotes — we have been commended in the MJ awards for Digital Transformation :-)

It’s been a really busy couple of weeks but I’m really pleased to be able to say that we have been commended as part of our submissions for the MJ awards. You can read more about the awards on the MJ website — https://awards.themj.co.uk/. The council are also finalists in three categories Local Authority of the Year, Workforce Transformation and green recovery but Leadership in Response to the Climate Emergency.

I am incredibly proud of the team to have been commended, especially with so much going on. We were commended for the work on Inclusivity, which is great to hear as this is such an important part of our strategy. It means that when we get all our plans delivered over the next 12 months that will be in a really good position to win next year!!, fingers crossed anyway!

A short week for me this week as I’m taking the campervan away for a few days over the weekend so three days in the office last week and only in for four next week. As I am writing these on Sunday, the last few days really have reminded me that taking time away to properly switch off is so important. I know we all know that but it really is. For me sitting in a field, in the van, with a book, a strong 4G signal and a beer — really does clear the head!

I have also realised that with these weeknotes I often really try and get them done and out on the Friday, so that the weekend is clear, but this doesn’t always mean that I am taking the time to properly reflect on the week — which is really the point of them. So will try and be a bit more organic over the next few weeks, make sure that I spend more time reflecting on the week and get them published whenever they are done!

Achieved a lot with the world of work programme this week on Tuesday, including giving, more or less, the same presentation three times during the day, by way of an update to the organisation on the work taking place and the next steps given the dates for the lifting of lockdown. I am really pleased to be part of an organisation that is not rushing back to old ways of working and expecting everyone to be in the office on 19 July. But rather we are thinking of the purpose of coming together to make the most of new ways of working and seeing colleagues.

Had the July Digital Strategy Board this week, wasn’t too long since the last one, so the focus of this one was finances. We have a strong capital programme and range of projects and programmes that need to be closely managed. It also needs to ensure that we drive the efficiencies and savings out of everything that we are doing and making sure that we map them appropriately.

We have been trying to get more colleagues writing on Hounslow.Digital and really pleased to say that one of the team has written an article on his first three months at Hounslow — take a a look — https://hounslow.digital/2021/07/my-first-three-months-at-hounslow/. Whilst you are there take a look at some of the recruitment that we are doing. https://hounslow.digital/careers/

Lots of this week (and indeed previous weeks) has been preparing for the Socitm Share National Conference next week. It is together with ISfL — Information Security for London group and is on the theme Ethical Use of Emerging Technologies & Data. It really is going to be a jam packed day, not too late to register! Find out more info online — https://socitm.net/events/share-national-ethical-use-of-emerging-technologies-data-2021/

Tune of the week: Now I am not really a football fan but this seems appropriate and really reminds me of being at University: Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home) (Official Video)

Director of Digital & IT for the London Borough of Hounslow