3.11 — weeknotes — the one with the red nose

Mark Lumley
3 min readMar 19, 2021


This week seemed to have really flown past, someone said this week that we are aiming for a month of Friday’s to get us to the other side of lock down, not a bad idea. Been some long days this week with some evening meetings and some earlier starts — so was really looking forward to Friday.

We had another of our Digital Strategy Boards with our members on Monday evening which was good — went through the programme of work, some reflections on the first year of the strategy and some of the work that we are doing over the next few months with digital inclusion and some of the major programmes we have.

Thursday evening we presented the Future World of Work to some Councillors — there is a lot of work and thinking going on here to ensure that we don’t go back to the old ways of working. There are loads of opportunities to reimagine the way in which we use the spaces we have; the technology we have and to ensure that we really do live our values. Lots to do here.

Thursday I also attended a virtual roundtable discussion with UK Authority with the theme of: Keeping pace post pandemic. Have done a couple of these sessions and have to say they are excellent — really well chaired and organised and a real mix of people from across the country. I learnt lots, connected with colleagues and hopefully contributed to the conversation as well. Great events and looking forward to the next.

Went through the Technology Blue Print with the team today with Sat from FutureGov this is a really important part of the world moving forwards. Making sure we have the infrastructure; data and mindset to really change the way in which we deliver services. It is so exciting and the work he has done, building on the discovery over the last few months was really good and he has given us sooo much to think about! It was well received by the team as well!

Apparently recording my weekly video wearing a red nose whilst talking about the importance of year end and budgets was giving mixed messages. I don’t see it myself but important to get feedback from the boss!

This evening we have a team gathering with perhaps a lemonade or two as part of red nose day. Really nice to see people, some of them not seen for a while so nice to chat — did the weekly Friday coffee as well this morning which was also good — just really nice to connect with colleagues.

After a couple of weeks of really not being in the mood for running I really need to be better next week, I have got in the habit of doing the commute to work again and commuted to and from work the majority of this week.

Tune of the week: (another random one) Red Red Wine Alex D Bootleg



Mark Lumley

Director of Digital & IT for the London Borough of Hounslow