2020 11 13 — Weeknotes

2.43 — week two of digital festival Hounslow!

Continues to be a huge amount going on and the team really pulling together to make the magic happen!

The digital festival has finished the second week, which also means we are half way through November already. We have had some great feedback on a number of the sessions.

We continued to focus on our health and wellbeing with our daily mindfulness sessions:

“I tried the mindfulness session this morning, never tried anything like that before — feel really relaxed! Great to have the opportunity provided to do that”

We also held a special session focussing on men’s mental health and wellbeing:

“I really enjoyed the session. Great to hear someone very relatable talk so openly about their challenges, versions of which most people have faced and often struggled to express”

Some of this feedback we have had is so inspiring, and has made me really proud that we have run these sessions and they are making a real difference!

We also held fantastic internal and community sessions such as:

  • Introduction to Digital Ambassadors and Microsoft Digital Champion
  • A demonstration of our new performance management system, Clear Review
  • A community Digital Skills session with LinkedIn and Microsoft
  • Intranet Show & Tell
  • Laughter yoga (yes really)

Also as part of the sports day sessions as part of the festival we had to go and take photos of street signs from A to Z. Lead to a bit of creativity/bending of the rules…

We went live with our Children centre system last week as part of our redesign of the children’s services — really good to have this important milestone completed.

We have been interviewing over the last couple of week internally as part of the Digital & IT Reshaping — I am really pleased that a number of colleagues have put themselves forward for interview and we have made some great appointments this week. There remains a number of posts that we are now ready to recruit externally so watch this space next week.

Actually managed a run this week as well, not been feeling it really, so pleased that I managed a 5k!

Tune of the week: We will rock you — Queen



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